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Shmoo Review – Love, Guaranteed

This film has everything it needs to make it a legitimate picture; there’s a love story, the gay best friend, and even an old man who spouts wisdom. However, this film feels more like a parody or replica than it does its own original idea; seemingly hitting every beat but still feeling like we are not quite there yet.

Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Daman Wayans Jr as lawyer and client, we follow the pair as they sue the company, ‘Love, Guaranteed’. This seems to be Cook’s comeback to the romantic comedy genre, after starring in films in the 90s such as, ‘She’s All That’ and ‘The Hi-line’ or even ‘The Babysitter’s Club’, but sadly this film does not pack the same punch.

This film has no real conflict. There is a brief moment when it looks like Susan (Cook) may lose her law practice because she is taking on too many pro bono cases. She immediately meets Nick (Wayans Jr) who pays her for her time and her law practice stays afloat. Susan goes to babysit her nephew for a night and he immediately starts tearing up the house. Nick helps out by giving the child ice cream and he settles down immediately.

I would have liked more from this film, more colour in the shots, more conflict, a better climax. But if you are looking for an easy film to put on in the background, this might be the film for you.

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