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Shmoo Review – Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino has a specific style. His films are incredibly stunning visually but there isn’t much to savour when it comes to plot. ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ takes us back to 1969, when fictional actor Rick Dalton, was at the prime of his movie career.

Leonardo DiCaprio takes us on a compelling journey of an actor who’s afraid that his career is over, only to start a new chapter in the 70s at the time of the infamous Manson family.

There are subplots of the Manson family and their mean intentions but they are only mentioned momentarily, and never fully explained. Instead the movie focuses more on Dalton and his relationship with his stunt double, Cliff Booth.

Visually, this is an incredible film. Every detail, from the neon signs to the bus bench ads was given time and thought; with a budget of $90-$96 million dollars, you can expect this kind of perfection.

All of this aside, the drive of the film was very slow. The audience is just sitting down and watching nearly three hours of a chapter of these character’s lives with no driving plot. The only exciting part of this film is the anticipated Tarantino fight scene, which comes with about ten minutes left of the feature.

Come for the characters and stay for the visuals. Brad Pitt acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio is a treat for all audiences. Their performances are brilliant, real, and captivating. These actors are able to touch the deepest feelings on a whim. If you’re okay with sitting down for a long stretch for the purpose of being visually amused, then head over to theatres and watch the latest film from director Quentin Tarantino.

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