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Shmoo Review – Secret Obsession

A lot to say and so little time to say it. Secret Obsession, written and directed by Peter Sullivan seemed to be the kind of film you should leave in your notebook. On paper, this feature was an excellent idea; a crippled woman imprisoned in a house with a man who has a fatal obsession with her. However, the execution was not what they could have hoped for, with cheesy and suspenseful music that overpowers the scene, and relying much too heavily on a poorly written script.

There seems to be the idea of women empowerment throughout this film as the titular role of our protagonist, Jennifer Williams, saves herself from the attacker, but seeing as this film was not only directed by a man, but written by one as well, the point didn’t quite come across.

The actors could have been cast better; but in all fairness as the movie goes on and there’s less dialogue and more action, the actors become more compelling, because they’re allowed to play with the scene and be real in their moments.

Don’t expect a solid premise from this film. The plot is filled with many holes that are only later filled in by a detective who seems to be as confused by what’s going on as the audience.  Our main antagonist could have had a much more compelling story. He’s clearly not motivated by love but by his lust for killing, but they set up the story as an accident gone lethal. While scrolling for your next golden find on Netflix, maybe scroll past this one.

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