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Shmoo Review – Sense and Sensibility

This week, we’re pulling an old one off of the shelf; but don’t fret, it’s a good one.

This Jane Austen adaptation stars many big names like Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, who all prove their place within this Victorian style feature. Beautifully cast, each actor brings their characters to life, adding intricate layers and humanizeing them to full effect.

This is a story about marriage, finding the right person, and family.

Sense and Sensibility shows timelessness and charm as we follow three sisters, Eleanor, Maryanne and Margaret, while they deal with having been left nothing in their stepfather’s will but a small weekly allowance, and the places they must live and the people they end up meeting.

While this film is over 2 hours long, it really uses that time to dictate each important note of the story, rushing nothing and understanding everything.

This is mainly a story about love. The chemistry between our actors was raw and genuine. Each note was played perfectly, allowing the audience to fully sympathize with the characters and invest in their lives.

The sets, scenery and costumes are gorgeous. You can tell that no small detail was spared.

Simply put, they don’t make movies like they used to.

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