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Shmoo Review Series Favourite: The Muppets

Let’s take a deep dive into some of my favourite (and I think a few other people’s favourites too) film series. This week it’s The Muppets!

How have the Muppets managed to stay so relevant for so long? I believe it has to do with their timeless humour, self-aware attitude and general acceptance that makes the Muppets a place of comfort for a lot of people. They never take themselves too seriously but still manage to hook you in with their plotlines and jokes.


(1)Muppets Most Wanted (2014) – The Muppet’s first self-proclaimed sequel to their 2011 The Muppets. This film follows the continuing story of Walter, now that he is a part of the Muppets, and an evil plot to destroy the Muppets.


(2)The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992) – A timeless classic I enjoy watching around the holidays. This fun twist on A Christmas Carol is everything you would expect from this rag-tag group of characters, narrated by Gonzo as Charles Dickens.


(3)The Muppets (2011) – One of the Muppets more recent films, this is the prequel to Muppet’s Most Wanted. Here we meet Walter, a muppet who is unsure of himself. He helps Kermit bring the Muppets back together again and finds himself along the way.


(4)Muppet Treasure Island (1996) – What happens when you put Muppets, Tim Curry and a general Pirate theme together? This movie!


(5)The Muppet Movie Original (1979) – Two years after the show first aired, the original Muppet Movie was released. Audiences are treated to a mild back story on Kermit’s start in Hollywood.


(6)The Great Muppet Caper (1981) – Love is never easy. It’s almost certainly harder when you’re a detective who falls in love with the accused.




Written by Andi Hubick

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