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Shmoo Review – The Goldfinch

Sometimes a retelling of a novel can be choppy and feign to have any real meaning. But every once in a while, a director comes along and is able to bring a book to life. That being said, no story ever ends the way you think it will. Life will throw curves at you, and it may not always feel worth living through, but your experiences will cause a chain reaction and bleed into other people’s experiences.

You impact other people’s lives, just as they impact yours. This film shows you how beautiful that can be.

Following the story of Theodore Decker, we see how his life has been impacted after his mother dies in an art museum bombing. The relationships he forms and seeks out and his choices in life, affect where he ends up.

This 2.5 hour long film can seem a bit long, but once it is through, you appreciate the time that was placed to tell the story in the detail that it required. The performances that stick out are not only from our leading man (in both ages that we are shown) but the character, Boris, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard and Aneurin Barnard. This exuberant character is brought to life by these actors, and makes a lasting impression on the audience.

This film almost feels like a tasteful film about tasteful people, as each character is extremely knowledgeable about fine art and music. It is a style that fits in this world.

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