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Shmoo Review – The Prom

An ode to Broadway, and not much else, The Prom feels like an inside joke that you’re left out of. A theme of jokes plays heavily as this all-star cast make jokes as if they were trying to offend everybody. We are introduced to four Broadway stars who are currently out of work; Dee Dee (Meryl Streep), Barry (James Corden), Angie (Nicole Kidman), and Trent (Andrew Rannells).

These four characters are full of vanity, confidence, and ‘zazz’ but not a lot of empathy or compassion. They end up hearing about the story of Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman). Emma is a lesbian who lives in a small town in Indiana. The town is unable to accept Emma because of her sexuality and cancel their high school’s senior prom so that the other kids do not need to go to a ‘homosexual prom’. Our four Broadway stars take their opportunity to swarm the small town in the protection of Emma and their careers, hoping if they helped Emma, the television news would reflect well on their ‘charity’.

The main plot of this film is not clear. This is what happens when you give a television director a big budget for a feature film. The plot was divided between Emma and the four Broadway stars and couldn’t figure out any real reason as to why the Broadway stars were in the picture to begin with, apart from the glam and shimmer and the occasional theatrical performance. Jo Ellen Pellman, who plays Emma, is a delight to see on the screen. Her smile lights up the room, drawing in attention, and her singing is attractive. While this film may be a few years ahead of its time, it certainly does leave an impression on viewers.


Written by Andi Hubick

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