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Shmoo Review – The Sleepover

Your next family night movie has hit Netflix!

‘The Sleepover’ stars an ensemble of talent including Malin Åkerman, Sadie Stanley and Ken Marino, who all deliver great comedic performances.

‘The Sleepover’ follows siblings Clancy(Sadie Stanley) and Kevin(Maxwell Simkins), and family friend Mim(Cree Cicchino) as they discover their mom used to be a spy, and we follow their journey to save mom and dad from an old, evil boss.

This charismatic cast bonds well with the energetic story-telling, making for an easy to follow romp.

Sarah Rothschild is an up and coming writer with this film as her first feature. She’s definitely one to look out for, because the story-telling was very solid. While she may have been playing into stereotypes to get to the climax, she does so in a way that feels original and fresh.

This is a film that is fun to watch for the entire family. There are jokes that you can relate to no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. Have you ever been to high school? Then you will laugh. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Then you will laugh. Have you ever discovered that your mother is a trained thief who was put into the witness protection service? Well maybe not that one…

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