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Shmoo Review – Toy Story 4

If you’re looking for the perfect summer blockbuster for you and/or your family, then this the film to see!

Toy Story 4 kicks off another great adventure for Woody and the toys as their new kid, Bonnie, is starting pre-school and goes on one last road trip before her next big experience. In this narrative we are taught that loyalty is important but so is going after your own passions and ambitions.

Woody is left to decide if he will let go of Andy so that Bonnie can grow and learn or if he wants to stay completely devoted to his kid.

Disney brings, yet again, another great film to be enjoyed by all. Bringing back all of the familiar voices you and I have grown to love, with fantastic and lifelike animation, it will leave you wondering if it was really animated or just CGI over real life sets. The fourth installment of this franchise does not disappoint but continues to excite and set up possible continuations for years to come.

While your kids may be the youngest in the theatre, enjoy an evening of being a kid again yourself. It may not have been their intention but the creators set up a lovely romantic storyline that does not rush into any pre-notions of infatuated love; it is definitely a good model for children of all ages. Shoot for the stars, fly off to infinity and beyond or just journey to your nearest theatre to see the all new Toy Story 4!

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