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Shmoo Review – Vox Lux

If you’re looking for a film that shows the underbelly of the entertainment industry, then this is the right kind of film for you.

With heavy material and no shyness towards the truth of trauma, this film will have you sitting down and feeling satisfied after watching. Playing with the idea of selling yourself to get what you most desire, this film follows Celeste as a young shooting victim to the peak of her music career.

Shot like an independent film, the focus is more on the characters than the plot, but has a clear appreciation of the crew and everyone who worked on this feature. The incredible acting talents of Raffey Cassidy are portrayed more than ever in this film as she effortlessly mimicked her elder counterpart, Natalie Portman, from speech all the way to her facial movements.

There is a sudden twist that comes almost unexpectedly at the end of the feature as the narrator tells a story from after Celeste was shot as a child. Her sister, Ellie, believed Celeste’s story about selling her soul to the devil. The ending of the film represents Ellie finally coming to terms with Celeste’s fame, something that she’s always been jealous of, knowing that the price Celeste has paid for this fame and fortune has come at a greater cost than she would ever be willing to pay.

Beautifully shot and engaging to say the least, this film will bring you into the life of Celeste as she struggles with moving on from her trauma and living her wildest dreams.

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