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Shmoo Review – Work It

Netflix’s newest teen rom-com features Liza Koshy, Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher in a film that is about finding your passions in unusual circumstances.

The film follows Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter) as she finds herself lying to her college administrator in hopes that she will pass her interview. What ends up happening instead, is Quinn’s journey with dance.

This fun collage of dancing and movie cliches might be just what you need for a family evening of laughs. Having all the emotional conflict without any of the problems, the story telling is not the steadiest, but an easy way to kill two hours.

Although the story itself felt like it was not about Quinn Ackerman, the plot follows her timeline in what I can only call a series of confused scenes. This is not a movie that you watch for the excellent acting or story. This is a movie that you watch for the dancing and choreography.

Rogier Stoffers choreographed all of the dances, breathing life into this film. Many of the scenes were shot in darker rooms; the backgrounds were mainly grey tones and even the main character of the film is similarly clad.  The colour palette contributes to the visual appeal of the movie.

This is a big turn from some of Netflix’s recent teen dramas like “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Kissing Booth” where there is an emphasis on the popping imagery and colour to articulate a particular aesthetic.

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