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Shmoo Review – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the 10th, and said to be, final X-Men film using the familiar characters from previous films in the series. This franchise was never afraid of showing the audience gruesome fight scenes and they’ve proven that once more in this adaptation of Dark Phoenix.

This is the first X-Men film to be under the influence of Marvel and it shows, with a higher budget for special effects and an even better makeup application; it’s almost as if we’re seeing these characters for the first time. Of course, you could go see this film having no prior knowledge and still understand what was happening.

The script brings you along almost as if it is your first time being introduced to these characters and establishes their abilities, love interests and story arcs all over again while delivering the classic Marvel one liner.

This film is an instant crowd pleaser, as long as you’ve got a strong stomach. Unafraid to show death or violent acts, this PG rated movie pulls you along through the action, unapologetically bringing the same uniqueness audiences have come to expect from the X-Men.

The villain in the film delivers an unexpected twist as it comes from an outside source instead of the mutants fighting amongst themselves or against humans. Jessica Chastain plays a compelling new player, unlike anything the X-Men have ever seen before; fitting right in alongside the bigger and grander feel this movie presents.

While some of the long standing actors of this franchise have proven that they’ve been around for maybe too long, there are still some sweet moments and nuggets of gold hidden within the folds. Head to your nearest theatre and watch as the stories you thought you knew turn around and surprise you.

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