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Shmoo Review – Yesterday

Joining the ranks of recently released jukebox musicals, Yesterday is able to distance itself enough from the pack to create something new, while still being true to the recipe.

Yesterday follows the life of Jack, a struggling musician who is ready to give up his life of performing just as a world-wide black out causes him to be struck by a bus. When Jack wakes up in the hospital, he discovers that he is the only person on earth who still remembers The Beatles and takes this as his opportunity to advance in the music business.

Yesterday is a love note to The Beatles, showing how popular and beloved their music is, but also exploring many lessons of love and life. There’s just enough physical comedy as well as deadpan delivery and heavy irony to flow seamlessly together and make this film work.

There are moments where it seems that the cinematographer wasn’t sure what style they wanted to go with; there are instances where Yesterday is shot more like an indie/coming of age film, with wide shots thrown into the mix to center out the characters, but then the majority of the other filming is shot like your traditional block-bluster. This can create a little confusion in the audience as it pulls them out of the experience because they’ve noticed that something is suddenly different.

The performances do bring you back in, however, with the acting talents of Lily James and the ever-endearing Himesh Patel. Get Back to your roots, Twist and Shout in your seat and sing along with those around you, because Oh! Darling, this is one you don’t want to miss.

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