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Sports & Snacks – Creating a Winning Combination

Outdoor sports are with us again, and as a nutritionist and mom, I have a few thoughts about re-fueling during and after the game.

Let’s consider rehydration first. Most often, water is the best source of rehydration. When physical activity has been intense for a period of 60 minutes or more is when your child’s body may need a little more replenishing.

Sports drinks are filled with artificial colours, flavours & sweeteners or refined sugar. Some bottles top out at nearly 9 teaspoons of sugar! With one 591 ml bottle of a commercially prepared sports drink, you are either exceeding or maxing out the daily recommendation. Think it is better to skip the sugar and rely on artificial sweeteners? Think again, the use of these substitutes have been implicated in weight gain, migraines and nausea.

Keep it simple & offer water. If you feel that your child requires a sports drink I suggest making your own by diluting 1 part 100% fruit juice with 2 parts water and adding a dash of sea salt. Some athletes use coconut water as well. Instead of chocolate milk, offer a plain glass of milk which has the same amount of protein as chocolate but without any refined sugar. Add in a banana and you’ve got a great snack that is both a source of protein and carbohydrate.

Here are my favourite post sport snack tips for rec leagues, remembering to take into account any allergy restrictions on your team.

  • watermelon
  • blueberries
  • banana & melon kabobs
  • strawberries & plain yogurt for dipping
  • orange slices
  • carrot sticks & hummus
  • cucumber slices & cheese
  • frozen grapes


Amy Sonnenberg is a Nutritionist located in the Clock Tower Wellness Centre.

Visit her at, like her Designed For You Nutrition page on Facebook or call 519-503-7926 for more information.

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