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It was May 1974 and the two Elmira teens were charged with public mischief. Their rampage included 24 slashed tires, a damaged flashing traffic signal, smashed car windows and slashed car seats. A church and private residence were also vandalized as well as a boat trailer

A colourful display of art filled Gore Park in Elmira on Sept. 7. The 3rd Annual Art in the Park brought out over 12 local artists who showcased their one-of-a-kind pieces. “All of the artists are from Woolwich Township except for a couple who are from nearby

Box after box of sweet luscious bright red strawberries await the next bidder. “This is the season,” says Noah Gingrich, manager of the Elmira Produce Auction Co-operative. It doesn’t take long for these freshly picked delectable delights to sell, as eager buyers gather around auctioneer Dave McCormick,

Knights and wizards along with swords and spells were seen in Elmira as Gibson Park transformed into 12th century, Nottingham, England on June 8th. The Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival is an annual family-friendly event and this year, it celebrated its’ 19th anniversary, fittingly themed,

He sits quietly and listens. Six-year-old Joy Jennison snuggles up to him as she eagerly reads a book. Only she isn’t reading to a person. She’s reading to a therapy dog named Joker who she regularly visits at the Elmira Public Library. Since 2005, many children in the