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From September 11th to 16th, 36 members, families and friends of the Algonquin Regiment of Canada travelled overseas to retrace the Route of Liberation in Holland and Belgium during WWII in the autumn and winter of 1944/45. The Algonquin Regiment was part of the 4th

With all of the fall colours on glorious display, Wellesley’s newest recreational trail was opened to the public on October 19th, 2019. The eight-acre site, which can be accessed at 1401 Queen Bush Road, directly across from the fire station, was donated to the township by

The term ‘sense of community’ relates to the idea that community is experienced. When people relate to being members of a community, they feel a strong psychological connection to that group. According to Statistics Canada, “A feeling of belonging to a country, region and local community

Though Wellesley Township itself was not surveyed until 1842 and was only incorporated in 1852, settlers were already long in this area. By 1805, many Mennonites from Pennsylvania had settled nearby in what became known as Berlin, and today as Kitchener. In 1837, the same year that William Lyon Mackenzie's rebellion

Photo: Wikipedia By 1805, many Mennonites from Pennsylvania had settled nearby in Berlin but Wellesley Township itself was not surveyed until 1842-43, by which time squatters had occupied certain areas. Records from 1846 about the entire Township indicate that much of the land had been "Queen's Bush,