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The “Big, Little” Small Town Experience

How do you respond when asked the question about the community you reside in?  If you happen to be a longtime resident of one of the Townships that encompass Waterloo Region,  you may be quick to answer that it is a small rural or urban area that has roots that go back a great many years.  And although we all know that there are always factors that alter the familiarity of the footprint as we may know it, there are still vicinities that impose “the small town feel”.

Just take yourself for a stroll around your town and find some of the more familiar comforting landmarks that are still in existence in some of our communities that reflect on days gone by, before urban growth, sub-divisions, insurmountable vehicle traffic, congestion where it was never heard of before and ever present commotion all of which we have to learn to exist with as part of our everyday living.

Take solace in the beauty of a bandstand in the middle of “town”, or a community fountain gracing an intersection, or perhaps it’s a racetrack reflecting back to the days of the Derby.  Even the Post Office if you are fortunate enough to actually have such a building in your community yet.  And a park bench strategically positioned so those who can afford the time, can sit and find a few moments of quiet reflection.  Nothing invokes solace like a towering church spire and its deep reflection into a winding river that seems to offer protection over all its inhabitants.

Each locale boasts of its own benchmarks specific to its communal area.  We become so accustomed to seeing them, that we tend to diminish and appreciate what they have stood for.

Again, just a thought invoking summation that even when things change, most often they still remain the same.

Gratefully Submitted,

Les Armstrong


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