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The Reading Corner – City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab


There are many wonderful Victoria Schwab books out there, however, City of Ghosts is one for all ages.

Cassidy Blake, more commonly known as Cass, has split open the dimensions between the living and the dead. She can walk between worlds seeing what most cannot, even though her parents have been trying their whole lives. Getting a gig on a new TV show documenting the most haunted places all over the world, Cass and her parents move to Edinburgh, Scotland to explore all it has in store. Little does Cass know that her world is going to be flipped onto its head… Apparently, her gift of seeing ghosts isn’t as unusual as she thought.

I adore this book. It is short and sweet but compacts so much into such a small amount of time. Every page is something new, always keeping the reader invested.

It is quite an easy read, with simple words and a quick plot, however, I personally think anyone can enjoy it. The target audience is elementary school level, but the story combines real life and fantasy wonderfully. As a teenager, this book is still very enjoyable, with its interesting mystery and fantastical world that is within reach of our own reality.

Victoria Schwab has this way of writing that sucks the reader into the worlds she has created around her, inviting us into the corners of her imagination. City of Ghosts is a great book to get into reading or to get drawn into the magical world of Schwab.

If you’re ever looking for a bit of enjoyable entertainment, I highly suggest trying out this book.



Review written by Davina Robinson

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