Delivered to your mailbox...not your Blue Box!

Well what else can you call it?   As a rule, anything that begins with an “un” in almost every context would imply that whatever you have done, thought of doing, anticipated,  or planned is no longer happening.  2020 started off as a relatively usual beginning and most of us (if not all of us) took it all in stride and vowed silently to grin (or grimace) and bear it and get through each cold wintery day as we have successfully done many times before.

Even though most of us humans don’t like alterations in our day to day lives, we come to accept that it inevitably does happen.   But things took a drastic change last year by the time we reached February.  Some rumblings were heard about a deadly pandemic that was sweeping through our land.  Again, rather shocking, but so far not just too concerning as these things just don’t happen around here.

This warning must be for some other far-off territory.

Most people’s complacency was still at an all-time low when the reality of what was happening began to get very real in March of last year and, in what seemed to take no time at all, shut the world down around us.  Our lives and plans, hopes and dreams, began to become un-raveled, and we were all faced with an un-nerving, unheard of state of affairs that until then was completely unknown.  We are all thrust into uncharted waters so to speak, with fear and trepidation, and most of us with un-finished business at hand.  Many met these obstacles with un-orthodox means of survival given that most of our routines, systems, and everyday structure was seeming being very un-done.

This year has paraded on through our lives like an unmerciful storm cloud that is unremitting in its wake. It has cast a different avenue of un-certainty into each of our existences and has shown us that so far it is un-relenting in its power to hold us captive.

This situation is not un-stoppable and this is where you come in. If we all follow the rules set out before us by those who know better than we do, we can co-operatively un-do this un-forgiving plight which currently is holding us hostage.

It’s un-imaginable to even ponder that we so far have lost out on this much of a year and all the un-doings that came along with it.

Think how much more value we will place on our lives once our freedom of movement, and friendships are un-locked and the un-year closes out.

It is very un-settling to move head into un-chartered territory but if we all unite, it can be done.




Les Armstrong


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