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It’s a success story which began with one simple idea; small batch roasted coffee in small town Ontario.

But the idea soon grew into a thriving family business and the Baden Coffee Company today, is part of many people’s mornings in Southwestern Ontario and beyond.

In 1997, owner Charlie Burke, already with a background in the coffee business, saw a need to service small businesses better, and particularly, answering a demand for fair trade coffees.
“Along with his father, he started his own coffee business and over the years, it just kept on growing,” said Burke’s wife, Barbara Collins.

“The main part of our business is wholesale and now we have over 600 wholesale customers. But I think we stand out because of the freshness of our coffees and because we roast in house. We also offer a wide selection of coffees.”

Baden Coffee Company is a specialty roastery and wholesale coffee supplier located in Baden, Ontario. It takes pride in sourcing the best beans from all over the world and in whatever brew method clients choose.

The company first began supplying coffee to various offices and institutions and soon realized the need for fresh roasted exotic and fair trade organic coffee.
So, they began roasting their own beans – daily.

Today, Baden Coffee supplies a vast selection of their own high quality signature coffees to over 300 businesses in the southern Ontario region including restaurants, lounges, colleges, universities, health care providers, gourmet retail outlets and cafes.

Retail outlets can also sell Baden Coffee with customized labels for what ever coffee is to be sold along with the outlet’s logo.
Baden Coffee also carries coffee equipment from Baratza grinders, brewing equipment, and clever drippers.

In 2007, the company purchased, renovated, and moved to a larger facility-housing their retail outlet, offices and warehouse on Gingerich Road in Baden.



“But customers were asking us where they can purchase our coffee, so 6 years ago, we opened the Bean Town Café in Baden,” Collins said. “It’s a place where you can just sit down and enjoy a nice cup of our coffee. It’s become really popular.”

Customers can purchase roasted coffee by the pound and by the cup, which can be prepared in whichever way they prefer.

The café also offers a variety teas, baked goods, soups, salads and sandwiches. A potpourri of gift items is also available for purchase: gift baskets, t-shirts, coffee mugs and travel mugs.
“We let our customers decide what they like,” Collins said. “We also have coffee cupping where establishments can come and try different coffees and choose which coffee they prefer.”
The family owned business continues to take pride in their service, freshness and quality of products.

“We make sure the coffee doesn’t sit on the shelves for long,” Collins said. “And we don’t like letting our customers wait. It really is about the quality of our service.”

Baden Coffee also realizes the importance of giving back to the community and continues to support various fundraisers, groups and organizations. And by supporting and offering fair trade coffees, they help ensure farmers get a fair price for their beans which in turn supports the communities in which they live.

“I enjoy trying coffees from all over the world. I went to Nicaragua and saw how their coffee is grown. We want to keep relationships with the farmers and support them,” Collins said.
And for customers in Waterloo Region, Baden Coffee will continue to serve.

“That’s what I love. It’s the customers,” Collins says. “Come and try it. Everyone is welcome.”

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