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Too Busy to Be Mindful

I am often told the following when I reveal that mindfulness is my passion:

“I wish I could practice that, but I don’t have time for mindfulness. I’m too busy.”

I know that mindfulness isn’t for everyone, but I would like to implore you to at least consider the fact that you are practising mindfulness every day, even when you think you’re not – and it is easy to incorporate into your daily lives – even for the seemingly busiest person out there.

If you go to the gym, walk your dog, play with your kids or grandkids, or just enjoy a nice long drive then you’re being mindful.

Mindfulness means paying attention. It means focusing on the present moment. Being where you are and being in the now. Mindfulness can include enjoying a long hot shower and keeping your thoughts present on what you are thankful for. Mindfulness can also mean being aware of your feelings, thoughts and actions – negative or positive – simply observing them, and accepting them without judgement.

I like to check in with myself and ask: “How am I feeling right now?” Or after a less-than-desirable moment with someone else: “Why did I react that way?”

Asking ourselves these important questions helps to put our focus and thoughts in the now moment. It also helps us to recalculate our position on the map – and allows us to see where we are, where we want to go, and how we desire to feel.

What mindfulness is not:

  • Religious-based
  • Difficult
  • Time-consuming
  • Costly
  • Unhelpful

What mindfulness IS:

  • Non-denominational – any person, of any faith can practice it as a compliment to their belief
  • Simple when you pay attention and choose to be present
  • Can be practised in just a few moments daily, using the things you already do: (shower, walking, meditating, being with friends/family, etc)
  • Free
  • Incredibly helpful and scientifically proven to improve cognitive function, decrease stress, increase happiness and more!

So: “How are you feeling right now?”

The Mindful Mama, Steph Van De Ven

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