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Your “Signature” Please

How many times in a day, a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime, are you requested to “sign on the dotted line”.  So many in fact that we become complacent, and haphazardly pick up the nearest writing device and with a little artistic flare in our fingers, and a bare minimum of time, are able to scratch out something that actually resembles a calligraphy contest with a few curls at the beginning and a big huge line across the middle to end up.

If you use all the imagination that you have been blessed with, you may just be able to convince yourself and those around you that there is actually some similarity between the name you go by and what you see in front of you on the autograph line.

It seems to me that a signature has become an identification icon as opposed to something that should be purposefully used to persuade another individual that you are who you say you are.  Somewhere along the way, this form of creativity has become all too prominent in our society and writing our actual given names has become a lost art.

A signature is very individual, unique, and authentic and is the mark used to represent you to the world.  It is the assuring tool that legalizes and validates all your pertinent documents and transactions.

It somehow escapes my rationality how something so significant, vital, and essential in our everyday life, has become tolerated in the legal world and everyday dealings and communications.

My signature represents my heritage.  I am proud of it and that’s how I inscribe it.


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